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What is BiteMyRecipe?

BiteMyRecipe is a gastronomic portal specialized in recipes for the fryer without oil, air fryer or airfryer.

Hi! We are Manuel and Paula, we have created the BiteMyRecipe Air Fryer Recipes web page, and we are delighted to have you with us here.

At BiteMyRecipe you will find a wide range of recipes specifically designed to be prepared and cooked in a fryer without oil.

The recipes range from starters, appetizers, first courses to pastries for breakfast, snacks and desserts. Within each recipe we also answer all your questions, we add tips, recommendations and tricks to get the best result.

The vast majority of the recipes that you will find on our website are healthy, we also prepare recipes for diabetics and celiacs. In general, our goal at BiteMyRecipe is to provide a source of inspiration and resources so that you can prepare delicious and healthy meals using an airfryer.

What kind of recipes are there in BiteMyRecipe?

At BiteMyRecipe we write recipes for cooking in an oil-free fryer, air fryer or air fryer. In addition, we prepare seasonal recipe sections where we include fresh and seasonal ingredients for each month. We also prepare recipes for diabetics, celiacs, vegetarians and vegans in the fryer without oil.

Finally, if you have a meeting, celebration or special occasion and you want to surprise your guests, we have prepared a special recipe book on our blog for each event. In our blog we talk about special kitchenware for fryers without oil, how to use it correctly and tips for all types of food.

Also, we publish articles on how to use the fryer without oil to prepare healthy and nutritious food, keeping all the flavor.

We believe that we can provide valuable and useful information for you, so do not hesitate to review it from time to time.

Who's behind BiteMyRecipe?

At BiteMyRecipe we are preparing and writing recipes with two people; we are Manuel Serrano Scholz and Paula Quintana González.

We are two cooking enthusiasts, in 2021 we discovered the air fryer and since then we have experimented and cooked a lot with it.

We decided to start sharing our recipes on social networks until the idea of showing the entire repertoire of air fryer recipes on our own gastronomic portal arose.

This is how BiteMyRecipe was born, a web page of air fryer recipes that aims to help make tasty and easy dishes in a fryer without oil.

Do you like this recipe?

BiteMyRecipe is a gastronomic portal of recipes for Airfryer.

At BiteMyRecipe we prepare and share recipes for the air fryer every week, we include tips, tricks and blogs to help you get the best dish