Does the air fryer cause cancer?

Does air frying cause cancer? (real studies)

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In recent times, there has been growing concern about the carcinogenic effect that cooking in an air fryer can cause.

The airfryer has become one of the most used household appliances in recent years.

Therefore, more people have certainties and doubts about this new kitchen appliance.

Today at BiteMyRecipe we will talk about the latest studies on the relationship between air frying and cancer.

Air fryer causes cancer: Studies

To this day, there is no real evidence tested in humans that air frying is carcinogenic to people or bad for health.

However, different groups remain on alert as there are two animal studies from the United States that indicate otherwise.

And it is that, the cooking of some foods at high temperatures such as fried foods expel a substance that can be dangerous to health, and this is completely true as you can see in this analysis.

Well, the air fryer needs longer cooking times to cook the food unlike other more traditional cooking techniques and consequently, it has caused concerns.

Like everything, opinions are different, and I am going to go into detail so that you understand everything.

The Air Fryer and Acrylamide

There is a chemical called acrylamide that is expelled when all kinds of food is cooked at high temperatures, giving greater relevance to vegetables or potatoes (potatoes).

A considerable dose of this substance has caused paralysis and cancer cells in the stomach of some rodents such as laboratory mice.

There is other evidence to suggest that acrylamide can damage DNA and even affect and cause severe risks to the placenta and embryos during reproduction in animals.

Added to this, the air fryer cooks food at a very high temperature and since it does not use oil, it takes more time to finish the preparations.

For this reason, air fryers are more likely to expel a higher amount of acrylamide.

Therefore, there is a popular belief that air fryers can cause cancer or is unhealthy if used for a long time.

This statement is completely wrong and to this day acrylamide has not been shown to cause any kind of health problem in people.

But, since there is a real study on the problems that a high concentration of acrylamide has caused in mice, it has created concern in the population.

From here, we want to share with all of you the real studies with their official references so that you can read for yourself that all these studies are based on animals.

In conclusion, the studies reveal that the acrylamide that the air fryer can expel is minimal and, for the moment, it has not been shown that it causes any type of health problem in humans.

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