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Due to the high costs of electricity, many people wonder, how much the air fryer costs compared to other electrical appliances that we have plugged in at home.

Air fryers or airfryers are known to use less light than an oven. But is it really so?

Well, it depends on the size and characteristics of each air fryer since each air fryer has a different consumption.

In this article you will have at hand a guide to how much each appliance in your kitchen spends compared to an air fryer.

How much does the air fryer consume?

In short, an air fryer with a capacity of about 2 liters consumes between 950W and 1250W.

That said, to have a real reference, a microwave with grill like this one from Amazon consumes 900W per hour, more or less like the airfryer I mentioned.

Airfryers are usually sold to us as low-consumption appliances, so why do they consume the same as a conventional microwave?

Well, its main advantage is not only how little light it uses, but how quickly it cooks food.

By needing less time to cook a recipe, less time will need to be running plugged in and wasting electricity.

Although, there are factors that we must take into account when it comes to knowing how much light an air fryer really uses to cook a recipe such as French fries.

Some of these factors are the brand, the model, the technologies it uses and the cooking mode that you are going to use.

For this reason, it is important to see the technical data sheet of the oil-free fryer that you are going to buy in case you find consumption with an unusual amount of watts/hour.

I leave you here a table with the amount of light that a fryer without oil spends on average according to its capacity.

Number of litersHow much electricity does it use
2L950W - 1250W
3L1050W - 1300W
4L1250W - 1500W
5L1500W - 1850W
6L1600W - 2000W
7L1900W - 2250W

A conventional oven can consume between 2,000W and 5,000W depending on the model and cooking mode

Comparison of the electrical cost of an air fryer with other appliances

I have prepared a comparison of the light consumption of the air fryer with other appliances such as an oven, a toaster and even a microwave.

The air fryer that I have chosen to make the comparison is between 3 liters and 5 liters, since it is the capacity that is usually bought in supermarkets or on Amazon.

Airfryer 3L - 5L1050W - 1850W
Ceramic hob Up7000 W
Oven2000 โ€“ 5000 W
Hand blender1000 W
Thermomix of 3 liters1500 W โ€“ 2000 W

Although this table can serve as a comparison, keep in mind that the most important factor when calculating how much each appliance consumes is time.

For example, the toaster consumes up to 1500W when turned on, but it does not usually last more than 1 minute on, that translates into low consumption.

Well, the same thing happens with air fryers, they are capable of cooking some foods more quickly than other appliances such as an oven or a microwave.

What spends more an air fryer or a ceramic hob?

The answer is clear, the air fryer spends and consumes less light than a ceramic hob.

The average consumption of a ceramic hob is about 5000W up to 7kw depending on the power.

I know that the light that a ceramic hob uses can vary depending on whether it is induction or not, but in the same way, it is incomparable with the minimum consumption that an air fryer has.

An air fryer at full power with a capacity of about 3 liters does not exceed 1200W.

In addition, the air fryer cooks recipes faster because of how quickly it reaches high temperatures.

And, its 8-shaped cooking mode allows food to be cooked evenly, saving time and consuming less light.

However, the air fryer does not offer great flexibility in how each recipe is cooked, and it does have its limitations.

For example, if we wanted to fry a battered chicken fillet or some French fries in abundant oil, we would have to use a traditional frying pan.

Another example of recipes that cannot be cooked in the air fryer are creams, broths, soups, stews, rice or pasta.

And up to here the analysis on how much light an air fryer uses, if you have any questions or suggestions for the article you can comment below.

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