Recipe for Cheese Balls in airfryer

At BiteMyRecipe we have prepared a recipe for Cheese Balls that are super delicious and are cooked in the air fryer.

Many people have tried the cheese mcbites or the 100 montaditos cheese popcorn and have wanted to repeat the recipe at home.

With this recipe for air fryer cheese balls you will get a crispy, tasty and low-calorie result.

Cheese balls are a snack that we have seen even with doritos and cheetos, although we will use some simple cornflakes.

On the other hand, the recipe for cheese balls with cornstarch is a little less fit than the oatmeal that we have used, in addition to the fact that it is not suitable for celiacs.

Thus This recipe for cheese balls is vegetarian, suitable for coeliacs and it is not necessary to coat the cheese popcorn in oil or anything greasy.

This children's starter is perfect, you can put them in family meals, birthday and surely no one leaves any cheese balls.

In my case, I like to buy mini toothpicks with drawings in any store and stick each ball on a toothpick as a presentation and for everyone's comfort.

Remember that it is a recipe for air fryer cheese balls although it could also be put in the oven with a little higher temperature and less time.

If you want to know and know how to cook other delicious appetizers and entrees in the air fryer, you can try some nopales with cheese skewers or a Mexican recipe for poblano peppers.

Desserts? We have many but the easy apple pie in the air fryer is the best dessert to accompany an ingredient as versatile as cheese.

Ingredients for the cheese balls recipe

  • 10 Mozarrella balls (depending on the amount you want to eat)
  • Oatmeal - 1.7 oz (you may need more if they are more balls)
  • 1 egg
  • Corn flakes - 3.5 oz
  • Salt


Preparation time: 6 minutes

Time in the freezer: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 8 minutes

  1. We cut the mozzarella into squares and make small or medium size balls (some supermarkets sell mozzarella balls already made)
  2. Separate the yolk from the egg and beat it in a bowl with a pinch of salt
  3. In another bowl or deep plate, add the oatmeal.
  4. Cornflakes must be crushed (without grinding completely) and put them in another bowl
  5. When we already have our four dishes ready (oatmeal, beaten egg, crushed cornflakes and mozzarella balls) we begin to bread
  6. Prick the ball with the toothpick and pass it through the oatmeal first
  7. Then we soak it with egg on all sides
  8. And finally we take it to the cornflakes trying to cover the entire surface
  9. You will only have to repeat the chain for all the cheese popcorn
  10. When the cheese popcorn is done, put them on a tray leaving a little separation and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes
  11. After 30 minutes, place the cheese popcorn in the oil fryer and cook them at 200ยบC between 8 and 10 minutes (depends on the quantity)
  12. Take the cheese balls out of the air fryer. and we already have our recipe for cheese balls ready!

Tips for a good recipe for cheese balls

  • To make the cheese balls crispier, repeat the step of passing them through the egg and then for corn one more time for each ball (it is not necessary to repeat the step of the flour)
  • I recommend using a wooden toothpick to avoid staining your hands and not using a fork because it could break the cheese ball
  • The amounts of the flour, the cornflakes and the egg can vary if you add more cheese balls since more will be needed
  • I recommend accompanying the cheese balls with a homemade barbecue sauce or if you like it spicy with a mexican green sauce
  • In the egg we have only added salt but you can also add a pinch of black pepper or parsley
  • The cornflakes should not be whole or very crushed

Substitution of ingredients

  • Mozzarella cheese โžก๏ธ Gouda cheese, edam cheese or blue cheese (this one is stronger in flavor)
  • Oatmeal โžก๏ธ Chickpea flour, almond flour or cornstarch (a less healthy option)
  • Salt โžก๏ธ Cheese is already salty, so if you want to lower the amounts of salt in your diet you can omit it in this recipe and it won't change the flavor at all
  • Cornflake โžก๏ธ Breadcrumbs (Much less healthy, I do not recommend it)

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