Chicken, cheese and spinach dumplings recipe in airfryer

Today in BiteMyRecipe We have prepared a recipe for chicken, cheese and spinach dumplings in an easy, fast and healthy air airfryer!

There are many types of dumplings such as chicken and egg, roast chicken, chicken and mushrooms, chicken curry...

I wanted a healthier air fryer dumpling recipe or light than those in the supermarket.

This recipe for chicken, cheese and spinach dumplings in a airfryer is easy, quick and with few ingredients.

I have cooked everything in my 5.5L Innsky air fryer.

If you don't know what dinner to prepare today you can try these empanadillas that are very good.

It can also be adapted with the ingredients that you like the most or that you have in the fridge.

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Ingredients for the recipe for chicken, cheese and spinach dumplings

  • 16 dumpling wafers
  • 2 chicken and spinach burgers
  • 8 tsp Grated Grana Padano Cheese
  • Oregano
  • 1/2 tsp Spicy Chicken Seasoning (optional but if you like spicy I recommend it)
  • Olive oil

Preparation in airfryer

Preparation time: 2 minutes

Cooking time: 13 minutes

  1. We put half of the wafers on the counter
  2. Cut each burger into 4 pieces and form balls with each one.
  3. Place a ball on top of each wafer and flatten
  4. We put a pinch of oregano, salt and a teaspoon of grated cheese on top
  5. We cover with another empty wafer and pinch the edges to close it
  6. Prick the top a bit with a fork.
  7. We spray aove and put them in the air fryer without piling them up
  8. We cook in the airfryer at 180 ºC for 10 minutes
  9. We take out and watch that they are not burning
  10. We cook in the airfryer at 200 ºC for 3 minutes
  11. We can let cool on a rack or eat hot
  12. And we already have our recipe for chicken, cheese and spinach dumplings in a airfryer!

Tips for a good recipe for chicken, cheese and spinach empanadas in a airfryer

  • If you want to make mini dumplings, cut the burgers into twice the number of pieces and use only one wafer for each one
  • The trick is to pinch the edges inward so it's a nice shape.
  • Don't forget to prick the top wafer with a fork or toothpick
  • To cook more quantity, try putting a rack on top and swapping positions halfway through
  • If you make them smaller or larger the times will vary so be careful
  • You can also prepare this recipe for homemade tuna dumplings in a airfryer

Substitution of ingredients

  • Chicken and spinach burger ➡️ Natural chicken, cooked chicken, can of chicken and a handful of spinach
  • Grated Grana Padano cheese ➡️ Grated mozzarella cheese or whatever you have at home to melt
  • Empanadilla wafers ➡️ Puff pastry (you would have to make the round shapes)

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