Hot Dog recipe in a airfryer in less than 10 minutes

Today At BiteMyRecipe we bring you a very easy Hot Dog recipe for the airfryer to do but with a lot of flavor.

It is a hot dog recipe that young children like very much and It is very good for a quick dinner and without complicating the cooking too much.

As you can see, it is not a very healthy hot dog recipe even if it is made in a airfryer.

For a healthier or fitness Hot Dog recipe I recommend making a few small changes that your body will appreciate in the future.

This doesn't mean you can't eat this hot dog recipe as is, but it's high in calories and doesn't have many healthy elements.

The changes you can make are:

๐ŸŒญ Use a low-carb bread, with fiber or seeds (you can find it in Prozis)

๐ŸŒญ Swap regular sausage for low-calorie turkey sausage

๐ŸŒญ Do not add sauces like Ketchup or Barbecue (although if they are Zero, nothing happens)

Throughout the article you will see my recommendation of the foods that best combine, always to my liking, and others that you can substitute them for.

In my personal experience, I have used these hot dogs as a snack when friends have come to the house with their children.I just cut the portions into small pieces.

If you need some perfect companions for hot dogs, we recommend some samosas with feta cheese that are very easy to make and some roasted nopales, we have both recipes at BiteMyRecipe

Ingredients for the Hot Dog Recipe

  • hot dog bun
  • Large sausages (for hot dog)
  • Cheese
  • Bacon in strips
  • Grated cheese


Preparation time: 5 minutes

cooking time: 8 minutes

  1. Cut the manchego cheese into small pieces
  2. We make a small opening in the sausage without breaking it in half and we introduce the Manchego cheese
  3. Wrap a strip of bacon around the sausage and insert a toothpick so it doesn't fall out.
  4. We put the sausage in the airfryer at 190 ยบC for 4 minutes (I have set it to Bacon Mode)
  5. We cut or open the dog bread, put the sausage inside (without the chopsticks) and sprinkle grated cheese on top
  6. We put the other sausage 4 minutes in the air fryer at 190ยบC with the same mode as before
  7. We take out the Hot Dog and that's it!

Tips for a good Hot Dog recipe

  • For the bacon to be crispy I recommend that you put the bacon mode of the airfryer
  • The cheese that is filled in the sausage is Manchego but it can be any other, yes, qIt has a lot of cheese flavor and good quality for a good result
  • You can add a little Ketchup and Mustard instead of grated cheese if you prefer.

Substitution of ingredients in the Hot Dog

  • Puppy bread โžก๏ธ Normal loaf of bread cut in half but not breaking it (so the sausage doesn't come out)
  • Big sausage โžก๏ธ Bratwurst sausages (they can be found in any supermarket and they are delicious)
  • Manchego cheese โžก๏ธ Blue cheese, edam cheese, gouda cheese...
  • Grated cheese โžก๏ธ Crispy onion (if you don't want so much cheese flavor, it's a valid option)

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