Recipe of Nopal with cheese and sauce in Airfryer

I present to you an incredible and delicious recipe for nopal with cheese that will become the best starter for a party or a gathering of friends.

The nopal is a very versatile and healthy vegetable, suitable for vegetarians and very healthy for children as it contains minerals and vitamins.

You can mix it with many other ingredients to get the best flavor, such as peppers, tomatoes or onions

At we have found the best mix of Nopal with panela cheese and sauce cooked in the air fryer.

We have prepared this recipe with rods to make it pinchito style with nopal cut into squares and pieces of gratin cheese.

We have also prepared in other recipes a sauce of piquillo and raspberries to mix it with the nopal and the cheese and it is delicious, I leave you here the recipe for the piquillo sauce for the roasted nopal with an air fryer

All the ingredients in this easy-to-make recipe are very cheap, so you have no excuse to try it, and if you don't have any ingredients, don't worry because you only need nopal and your favorite cheese ๐Ÿง€.

If you want to eat something else and accompany these delicious nopales, you can accompany them with some battered onion rings in the American style or some salty cod fritters

Ingredients of the Nopal with Panela Cheese recipe in the Airfryer

  • Whole prickly pear
  • Panela cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • (Optional) Red bell pepper in squares
  • (Optional) Chopped onion
  • (Optional) Whole tomato

How to cook nopal with cheese in the airfryer

Preparation time: 8 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

  1. Cut the nopal into squares more or less equal and of the same thickness
  2. Cut the red pepper, onion and tomato (if you have) in squares of the same size
  3. Cut the cheese into a piece thicker than the vegetable
  4. Prick and place all the ingredients except the cheese on some iron rods, if you don't have any, you can leave the whole nopal and place the other ingredients on top of the nopal
  5. We prepare the airfryer in Broil mode (Roast) at 200ยบC
  6. We cook the nopal with the vegetables (if you have) for 10 minutes: 5 minutes on each side
  7. You take out the skewer or the slice of nopal and place the cheese
  8. Put it back in the fryer for about 2 minutes to melt and gratin the cheese
  9. Take it out of the fryer, let it cool and eat!

Tips for making the Nopal recipe with Panela Cheese in the Airfryer

  • Moisten the nopal with a little oil or melted butter to improve the flavor and make them roast better
  • Use spices like thyme and oregano on top of the cheese to give the recipe more flavor
  • If you like the vegetables more poached or softer, let it cook for 15 or 20 minutes until it becomes soft and at the end you place the cheese so that it does not burn

Substitution of ingredients

  • Panela cheese โžก๏ธ Camembert cheese, provolone cheese or semi-cured cheese wedge
  • Vegetables โžก๏ธ You can add pieces of beef but it will not be suitable for vegetarians
  • Piquillo sauce โžก๏ธ Natural tomato sauce or green sauce

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