Roasted Apples Recipe in the Air Fryer

New fruit dessert prepared at, some sweet, tender roasted apples prepared in the air fryer.

Baked apples is a perfect dessert or snack to lead a healthy life the apple is a fruit full of vitamin B and phosphorus, a perfect food for digestion.

If you like sweets and tender and healthy desserts, then baked apples can be a great option.

It is a healthy sweet that all children like, thanks to the flavor of cinnamon and sweet sugar you can get everyone to enjoy this delicious and easy dessert cooked in the airfryer.

Apples are very cheap and All the ingredients that the baked apple recipe has are cheap.

This recipe is the traditional recipe for oven-roasted apples that they prepared for us when we were little but adapted to the air fryer.

If you don't know what dessert to cook for a party, meeting or meeting, these baked apples are a perfect option suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

And if you want to get a recipe for light roasted apples without sugar, you just have to change the sugar for sweetener and use light butter.

That would be a good option for roasting apples for diabetics or for a diet (remember that roasted apples are not fattening by themselves).

Roasting apples without ovens is very easy with the air fryer and besides the time is short and you can have a quick dessert.

The amounts depend on the size of the air fryer, my 5.5L oil-free fryer holds up to 3 cinnamon-roasted apples.

If you need a salty appetizer for your dessert, we recommend cooking some cod fritters in the airfryer

I recommend you try other sweet desserts in an air fryer such as the La Viรฑa cheesecake recipe in air fryer or the orange sponge cake recipe in air fryer

Ingredients for Roasted Apples in the AirFryer

  • Green apples
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Cinnamon stick (optional)

Preparation of Roasted Apples in the Airfryer

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

  1. Peel the apples
  2. Remove the bone from the center (You can use specific tools for it or with a knife)
  3. Place parchment paper inside the pan of the airfryer
  4. Preheat the air fryer to 180ยบC
  5. Put a piece of butter with a little sugar and the dessert seasoning inside the hole in the center of the apple.
  6. You can introduce a bouquet of cinnamon (optional)
  7. Cook the baked apples in the airfryer for 15 minutes at 180ยบC
  8. And now you have our recipe for roasted apples in the airfryer!

Tips for cooking Roasted Apples in the Airfryer

  • This dessert or snack is perfect to accompany with chocolate, honey or sweet syrups.
  • You can add a little cinnamon on top when you take them out of the air fryer
  • Brown sugar may be a better option than sugar to give it a better color

Ingredients to Substitute in Baked Apples

  • Sugar โžก๏ธ Brown sugar, cane sugar, Stevia or Erythritol
  • Cinnamon stick โžก๏ธ Vanilla pod
  • Butter โžก๏ธ Margarine

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