Recipe for Samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato in a airfryer

At BiteMyRecipe we have prepared a recipe for samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato that you will love and You can prepare as a starter for any meal or lunch.

Samosas are similar to dumplings and can be filled in many ways, in this case we have made a perfect combination with feta cheese and dried tomato.

if you like these samosas recipes, we can prepare other fillings that can also be cooked in a airfryerjust leave a comment asking for it.

It may be that what you don't like about samosas is preparing the dough because it makes it difficult for you, don't worry, In the tips section we have left you a trick so that you can prepare it without any problem.

The recipe for samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato can be prepared as a starter or first course depending on the quantities.

In this recipe, we have calculated the quantities for 4 samosas but if you need more or less you will only have to double the number of ingredients.

You don't have to be a cook like Arguiรฑano to prepare a samosa recipe, also in the airfryer they will be prepared quickly and easily.

The samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato are prepared in the air fryer, without an oven in order to save a little light.

This recipe is suitable for vegetarians and if you change the cheese to a vegan one, also suitable for vegans.

Samosas are one of the many starters and appetizers that we have prepared at BiteMyRecipe, you can also try cooking Manchego cheese balls or beef meatballs in your air fryer

Ingredients for the recipe of Samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato

  • 4 sheets of filo dough
  • 3 feta cheese cubes
  • 4 dried tomatoes
  • Rosemary
  • 2 tsp of olive oil


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 9 minutes

  1. We take each cube of feta cheese and crumble it
  2. Cut the dried tomato into pieces and mix with the feta cheese
  3. Add a pinch of rosemary to the feta cheese and dried tomato, mixing well
  4. Cut the sheets of filo pastry in 2, folding them inwards to form a roll
  5. On each half sheet of phyllo dough, place a little of the mixture (calculate the amount by eye, knowing that you can make 4 samosas, each portion will be a quarter)
  6. We give it a triangle shape to make it a samosa
  7. With a brush, we varnish the samosas with olive oil on both sides
  8. Place the samosas in the airfryer and cook for 6 minutes at 180ยบC
  9. We take out the samosas, we turn them over andas we put in the air fryer 3 minutes at 180 ยบC so that they brown on the other side
  10. We take out and we already have the recipe for samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato ready!

Tips for a good recipe for samosas with feta cheese and dried tomato

  • Although it can be a bit complicated, making the samosas is quite simple
  • There is another option to prepare the dough, cut the filo sheet into 4 strips and shape it into a triangle to fill later
  • I recommend you accompany this dish with a sauce, in my case I put yogurt sauce or barbecue sauce
  • It is not necessary to soak the samosa in oilit will be enough that they are wet to cook in the air fryer
  • If you want to give it an added flavor you can put garlic powder and oregano with the mixture of oregano, feta cheese and dried tomato

Substitution of ingredients

  • Filo dough โžก๏ธ Empanada dough (it will not be as crispy and will take longer to cook)
  • Feta cheese โžก๏ธ Mozzarella cheese, gouda cheese, edam cheese, blue cheese...
  • Dry tomato โžก๏ธ Natural tomato or a tablespoon of crushed fried tomato
  • Rosemary โžก๏ธ Oregano, Garlic powder or Herbs of Provence
  • Olive oil โžก๏ธ Extra virgin olive oil (Olive oil) or sunflower oil (I recommend olive oil before another type for the added flavor it brings)

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