Suckling pig recipe in airfryer

Today in BiteMyRecipe We have prepared a recipe for suckling pig in a airfryer that is very easy to make, perfect to surprise the family with its great flavor.

There are many suckling pig recipes such as baked suckling pig, roast suckling pig, suckling pig in sauce or suckling pig in a wood-fired oven.

We have chosen the easiest, cheapest and cleanest option is to cook the suckling pig in the airfryer.

Our recipe for suckling pig in sauce is very tasty and is similar to Segovian suckling pig and has memories of Karlos Arguiñano's suckling pig recipe.

We will use the fat of the suckling pig as a sauce and a little lard that will give a touch of power to the flavor.

We do not need a barbecue or wood oven, we can cook suckling pig at home without problems.

It is a very tasty and traditional recipe, in addition It is typical to make a suckling pig recipe at Christmas for family dinner.

This does not imply that you cannot eat suckling pig in another month of the year, do it whenever it will be very good and this year the recipe for suckling pig in a airfryer will be the protagonist.

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Ingredients for the suckling pig recipe in air fryer

  • 1/2 suckling pig
  • Lard
  • 1 splash of brandy
  • coarse salt
  • Potatoes (Optional)

Preparation in airfryer

Preparation time: 4 minutes

Cooking time: 75 minutes

  1. Preheat the air fryer for 4 minutes at 180ºC
  2. We spread the suckling pig with the lard
  3. We sprinkle coarse salt on top
  4. Put the suckling pig in the air fryer skin side down and sprinkle a splash of brandy on top
  5. We cook for 45 minutes at 180 ºC in the airfryer
  6. We take out the suckling pig, turn it over and cook another 30 minutes at 180 ºC in the air fryer
  7. And our suckling pig recipe in a airfryer would be ready!

Tips for a good suckling pig recipe in a airfryer

  • If you want you can add a potato peeled and cut into strips for the last 15 minutes under the suckling pig so that it takes on the flavor of the sauce
  • You can add spices such as black pepper or some seasoning such as barbecue seasoning
  • The brandy is eye-catching but I do not recommend that you go overboard because it leaves a very strong taste
  • Many people like to add a squeeze of lemon juice on top of the suckling pig before cooking.

Substitution of ingredients

  • Lard ➡️ Regular butter or another type of butter (there will be a different flavor but not bad)
  • Whole suckling pig ➡️ Chopped suckling pig
  • Brandy ➡️ White wine or beer
  • Fat salt ➡️ Fine salt or salt with lemon

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